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Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

Q Group Research Program

Recognizing superior academic research projects

The Q Group provides recognition to superior academic research projects with potential applications in the field of investment management with annual awards of the Jack Treynor Prize, which Q first instituted in 2014.

The prize winners are selected by members of the Q Group Research Committee who evaluate submissions following our annual call for working papers. Prize winners have included (among others) studies in financial economics, applied securities analysis, and the use of quantitative methods in investment management. The results of these research projects were made available to Sponsors of the Q Group, and virtually all of them go on to be published in professional journals.

The Q Group Research Committee runs the research program under the leadership of its chairperson and the Institute Research Coordinator. The Committee consists of members of the Q Group who are well versed in both theory and practice.

Before the 2014 introduction of the Jack Treynor Prizes – from the Q Group’s inception through 2013 – the Q Group funded over 300 academic research projects that provided unique approaches and insights into problems of significance to investment professionals. Those pre-2014 projects can be seen in the previously funded research section.

Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

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