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Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

Governance and Administration

Delaware registered 501 (c) 6 not-for-profit corporation (not a charity)

The Q Group is a Delaware registered not-for-profit corporation and recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 6 not-for-profit corporation (not a charity). The organization is governed by a 20-person Board of Directors who define the organization’s goals and objectives as well as provide fiduciary oversight administration and operations. Through annual fees, the Q Group members provide the finances to support all the organization’s activities. The Q Group programs and services are managed by an Executive Director using “independent contractors” who work autonomously. To ensure that Q Group programs continue to reflect the highest levels of scholarship and relevancy to the membership, an Advisory Council has been established.


Board of Directors

November, 2020

Richard Lindsey, Chair, Windham Capital Management, LLC.
Brett Hammond, Vice Chair, Capital Group


Andrew Ang, Blackrock, Inc.
Clifford S. Asness, AQR Capital Management, LLC
Vineer Bhansali, LongTail Alpha LLC
James P. Gordon, Jr., Federated Investors
Joanne M. Hill, CBOE Vest
Greg van Inwegen, Citi Private Bank
Ron Kahn, Blackrock, Inc.
Mehdi Mahmud, First Eagle investment Management
Katrina F. Sherrerd, Research Affiliates, LLC
Laurence Siegel, CFA Institute
Andrew Weisman, Windham Capital Management
Kenneth J. Winston, California Institute of Technology

Advisory Group

Robert L. Hagin  (elected 2005)
Mark Kritzman  (elected 2010)
Andrew Rudd  (elected 2007)
Wayne H. Wagner  (elected 2013)



Mehdi Mahmud, Co-Chair
Katrina Sherrerd, Co-Chair
Richard Lindsey, Melissa McGrane, Claire McConnell Noel, Michael Phillips


Krishna Ramaswamy, Chair
Andrew Ang, Co-Chair
Mark Kritzman, Co-Chair
Peg Diorio, Gregg Fisher, Ralph P. Goldsticker,* P. Brett Hammond, Lawrence Harris,*
Roy D. Henriksson, Martin L. Leibowitz, Feifei Li, Richard Lindsey, Heidi Raubenheimer, Walter Tackett, David Turkington, Gregory van Inwegen, Fanesca Young


Kenneth J. Winston, Chair
Vineer Bhansali, Helen Guo, Lawrence Harris, Ron Kahn, Frank Nielsen, Colm O’Cinniede, Sebastien Page,  Kevin Shea, Anjun Zhou, Joanne Hill


Martin L. Leibowitz, Richard O. Michaud, Andrew Rudd


Andrew Weisman, Chair
Ahmet Kocagil, Inna Okounkova, Kevin Shea, Jamie Stewart

Nominating and Governance

P Brett Hammond, Chair
Joanne Hill, Gregory van Inwegen, Richard Lindsey


James P. Gordon Jr.,  Co-Chair
Kenneth Blay, Thomas N. Felker, Ralph P. Goldsticker,* John T. Grier, Martin Gruber, Richard Lindsey,*
Mustafa Sagun, Jason MacQueen


Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

Contact Us
Executive Director
Jenna Ayala

Program Coordinator
Robin Greenwood 

Research Coordinator
Lawrence Harris

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