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Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

The Q Group offers curated seminars that combine research with the opportunity to engage with peers

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A FORUM for investment professionals

Membership in the Q Group is open to organizations and individuals whose business includes the development, analysis or utilization of quantitative research in financial services.  Any organization that adheres to a philosophy grounded in the use of innovative applications in the investment decision process would find great benefits from membership in the Q Group.

Upcoming Seminars

Learn cutting edge theory and real-life applications

Join a community of industry leaders

Membership in the Q Group provides:

  • Attendance at semi-annual seminars
  • Access to the leading edge of innovative methods and solutions
  • Opportunity to interact with colleagues who may be confronting issues similar to yours
  • Participation in spirited discussions of common issues in investment management in a peer group environment

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Group of business people

Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

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Executive Director
Jenna Ayala

Program Coordinator
Robin Greenwood 

Research Coordinator
Lawrence Harris

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