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Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

Feifei Li, PhD, FRM
Partner, Head of Equities

Feifei Li is head of equities for Research Affiliates, a global leader in smart beta, factor investing, and asset allocation. The firm delivers investment solutions around the world in partnership with leading financial institutions. As head of equities, she leads cross-sectional equity research and strategy design that supports the firm’s systematic active portfolios and smart beta indices. She works in close collaboration with the PIMCO RAE portfolio managers and Research Affiliates’ academic advisors.

Feifei sits on both the Research Affiliates Investment Committee and Management Committee. She has been instrumental in the design of Research Affiliates’ innovative investment solutions since she joined the firm in 2005, becoming director of research in 2009, head of investment management in 2015, and head of investment strategy in 2018 before assuming her current role as head of equities in 2020. Feifei has published more than 40 articles and journal papers in both academic and practitioner journals and won best article awards from the Journal of Portfolio Management and European Financial Management.

She has taught undergraduate and MBA finance classes at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Irvine. She is a Program Committee member at Q Group and serves as a reviewer for multiple academic and practitioner journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal.

Feifei earned a BA from Tsinghua University’s School of Management and Economics in Beijing and a PhD in finance from the University of California, Los Angeles. She holds the Financial Risk Manager designation.

Q Group - The institute for quantitative research in finance

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